[hpsdr] No RF coming in through Penny Whistle

K1TCP Grigsby k1tcp at bgrigsby.com
Sun Jan 27 19:23:36 PST 2013

I just completed my Penny Whistle build. Everything seemed to go together
well. I ran the couple of tests in the manual, using the antenna tuner,
since I had one, and then setting the trim pots.

Antenna VSWR looked good across all bands, about 1.1 - 1.3.

I wasn't pulling 20mA before adjusting the trim pots, more like 8mA. I
didn't think it was a huge deal, I could be wrong? I adjusted the trimpots
accordingly, bumping both up about 460mA. Voltage looked good, about

I can hit the bias control, and the current pull reads about 980mA, which
is to be expected I'd think. When I transmist through it with the
transceiver, it peaks to about 2.20 amps sometimes, once it warms up some.

I know I am getting out on the TX. I can hear myself on another rig on 40
meters running PSK. I assume it's RF from one antenna to another. But I
don't hear anything. I thought it was just seriously attenuating the
incoming RF, but I unplugged the coax from the output BNC, and the
waterfall never changes. Just weak reception. If I plug the antenna coax
back into the transceiver, the waterfall springs to life. I've tried
swapping coax cables. I ran some continuity tests, and I get tone from BNC
center on BNC input and output connector. But I also get tone from BNC
center to BNC outer, which seemed odd, but some of the transformers seem
make these connections?

Still searching for ideas, thought I would bounce it off the group.

Running an Ensemble RXTX, 20/30/40.

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